The original Ss Peter & Paul’s church was chartered in 1917 and was located at 601 Prospect St. Rev. Elias Gojdios founded the church and the founding officers were: Michael Rudy, Andrew Verba, Andrew Ridella, John Batche Sr., Wasil Wills, and Peter Mindak. The first resident pastor was Father Desiderius Zubriczky. Former pastors include Rev. Nicholas Stecovitch, Rev. Stephen Zacharis, Rev. Stephen Loya, Rev. Msgr. Michael Simodyka, Rev. Albert Bihary, Rev. Ronald Borsuk, Rev. John Dorich, Rev. Robert Bayusik, Fr. Myron Kochaba, Fr. Robert Karl and present pastor Very Rev. James A. Spontak. An interesting fact was that Michael Halas served a 45 year period as a professional cantor of the church. There have been four parish vocations in the church: Fr. Paul Tigyer, Fr. Joseph Ridella, Fr. John Koza and Fr. Edward Pyo.
In 1971, a new church was built near the “Maple Grove” picnic along Munster Road. The new church was dedicated in 1976. The general theme of the church is Christ, the Light of the World, which is expressed through the multi-colored faceted windows.